A Deep Dive Into Yuma Businesses

March 2, 2023

Put on a Show for Yuma Consumers

Unlike search engines, which deliver results from a database of entries gathered automatically by a web crawler, Yuma Biz is built manually by human editors. So, we can publish your best stuff in one place!

Basic Profiles can be listed for free. Premium Profiles are expanded for a small fee by any business that wishes to show its best qualities to the public.

See the abundance of available features:

BASIC FEATURES (no charge)

  • Company Name
  • Primary Category
  • Address
  • Google Map
  • Phone
  • Website Link
  • Featured Image


Let us know how you help make Yuma a great place to live and work and we will publish the quote in your primary or premium profile at no charge. And, we will make yours a FEATURED PROFILE.


  • Business Description
  • Company Logo
  • Open Days & Hours
  • Google Reviews Livestream
  • Email Address
  • Video
  • Image Slideshow
  • Extra Links to Special Pages
  • Mexican Spanish Translation
  • Menus, Services, Product Pages
  • Blog, Podcast, or Newsletter
  • Contact or Booking Form
  • Social Media Links
  • Additional Details
  • Additional Categories
  • Mexican Spanish Translation

Here are the benefits of adding features to your Yuma Biz Pages Profile:

  1. Increase sales when your essential web pages are listed in one place for the convenience of customers.
  2. Google uses your local profile as proof of your name, address, phone, and business category. This has excellent Search value.
  3. A backlink from Yuma Biz Pages to your website boosts its ranking value in the search algorithm.
  4. Your Yuma Biz Pages profile will be cited in Google search results when people search for your business name.
  5. Add hard-to-find information to your profile with direct links to a press release, employee bios, a newspaper article, sales promotions, videos, blog posts, and more.
  6. Send customers to your Biz Pages Profile from social media, website, and Google Business Page.
  7. Publish posts with links to your profile where they will ‘Learn more’ about your business.

To enhance your profile, contact John Guild. We will work together to build the best ‘Deep Dive’ into your business as possible.

Only $99.

Change your profile anytime at no charge.


Thank you!

John Guild, jguild@yumabiz.online

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