Educate New Customers with a Biz Pages Profile.’

December 4, 2023

5 Ways To Help Your Next Customer Buy from You ~

  1. Create a Premier Restaurant or Biz Pages Profile to be a portal to your favorite online business pages.
  2. Give your next customer an easy way to respond to your offers through your Biz Pages Profile where your best marketing appears in one place.
  3. Manage your Google Business Profile (GBP) so buyers find your products and services when they search for what they want to buy.
  4. Leverage the fantastic features of GBP for free publicity for your Biz Pages Profile, Website, Social Media, and Special Offers.
  5. Educate the search engines so that your Biz Pages Profile will appear in search results as a citation by Google.

5 Unique Tactics to Attract New Customers and Keep Them Coming Back ~

  1. Use GBP Posts & your Biz Pages Profile to drive traffic to your Sales Pages and Special Offers.
  2. Show off with Slideshows and Videos on your Biz Pages Profile.
  3. Use GBP Posts, Social Media, and your Biz Pages Profile to Show your Favorite Reviews.
  4. Put a ThumbsUp Reviews Livestream on your Biz Pages Profile and/or website. Let your best customers convince your next customer!
  5. Use a QR Code on your advertising to send new customers to your Biz Pages Profile or your website, AND a different QR Code to send current customers to your “Write a Review” page on your Google Business Profile.

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