Your Best Web Pages in One Place

March 2, 2023

Imagine your most useful web pages in one place… everything your customer is looking for.

Here’s how it works:

Yuma Biz Pages are profiles of businesses organized into categories and subcategories. Your Premium Pages Profile may contain web pages and information that help your audience connect with you.

  1. contact information
  2. additional business categories
  3. images, video, and logo
  4. recent reviews
  5. business description
  6. menus, products & services
  7. open days and hours
  8. links to key web pages
  9. Mexican Spanish translation
  10. links to social media
  11. links to current offers
  12. location and an active map
  13. contact and booking forms
  14. calls to action, i.e. Book, Donate, Text Us, etc.
  15. a Google boost in search results

We can also publish a statement by your business, “How we help make Yuma a great place to live.” All of our ‘Featured Profiles’ make this statement and we encourage our readers to read them.

There are two ways you can find information on Yuma Biz Pages. You can search and you can browse.

  • Search is when you type a business name, address, or category into the search bar and click ‘search.’
  • Browse is when you dive deep into the business or category you’re focused on.
  • You can provide links to key web pages inside or outside your website, such as menus, specials, staff, etc. in a list or on clickable buttons and images to make deep-dive browsing easy for prospective new customers.

For example, if someone is looking for a nearby coffee shop, they would select ‘coffee shop’ in the category bar, click ‘Search’, and find all our coffee shop profiles.  Then they can select one to explore. — Check the map, hours, recent reviews, menu, special offers, photos, video, and anything else the owner wishes to show.

Yuma Biz Pages is a powerful way to show off your company’s best stuff and attract new customers.

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Now you can put your best web pages in one place to help your next customer find you.

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